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Festive Reflections

Take a moment to reflect

As I reflect on what a smőrgåsbord of experiences 2022 offered up, my mind is drawn back to many of the low points (and there seemed to be more than usual)!

Loss of dear friends and colleagues, my own health issues and the messy path to recovery and the many troubles facing the world at large.

It seemed all too easy to get overwhelmed by these low moments. These experiences are tough and we can feel that our choices are limited, that the road ahead is bumpy and unclear and I know I can sometimes feel that I just don’t know how to navigate it all.

2022 certainly had me, to coin a wonderful friend’s phrase, finding my ‘big girl pants’ and remembering how I have got through difficult times before – ‘cos I did (note to self again!).

Here's my go-to list

  • Slow down – stay in the moment

  • Listen to my body to know what it needs right now

  • Reach out for help – whatever that might look like

  • Enjoy the little things in life – find #ReasonsToSmile

  • Take time to work out what matters most to me

What matters most …

Even in uncertain and challenging times it is important to know what matters most to us and nurture those things in our lives whether that is our own wellbeing, our relationships, hobbies or interests, volunteering and yes even our professional work!

This practice brings a sense of purpose to our everyday decisions and interactions whilst supporting us to grow our resilience each time we face a challenge however big or small.

We can thrive. Together.

As the festive season draws nearer for many of us, we can find ourselves caught in the busyness of getting everything done; and it is also a time when we can take a moment to pause, look back on the old year and towards a new one.

What intentions do you have for 2023 that have #whatmattersmost to you at the heart of them and might just #SparkJoy?   

At enigmaX we believe in cultivating trust & respect, courageously facing change and embracing difference. We want to support others to do this too so this year we will be donating to these charities that have achieved so much in tough circumstances this year.

Please note we will be taking a break from all things work related from 21st December 2021. Back on 9th January 2023 where we will continue with the ‘Brainfood’ feeding frenzy and bring you the next story from the ‘Take that Bridget’ blog series .