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Take that Bridget - How to be bold and kick self-doubt's butt!

Agonising over how to start a blog!

So, here I am sitting at my desk in what is known as the 'blue room' (sounds more intriguing than the office or spare room) in my house having a stab at writing my first blog post. This has been a long time in the making as I have found infinite ways to resist it and avoid putting my voice out there.

What has changed today I hear you ask?

 A good question, a question which requires a moment of reflection to answer and what better way to do it than to write it all down and share it! 

It takes some effort to notice the little things that shifted in me that had me start typing and let go of the fear that what I write won't be clever enough, not interesting enough - that no one will want to read thi. 

This is where I introduce you to my voice of self-doubt, I have decided to give them a name - 'Bridget'.

You might find you have your own Bridget that voices your doubts, fears, and insecurities!

No offence intended if you are called Bridget.

What I remember telling myself yesterday was 'no messing about tomorrow - you are going to work on the blog for the website' - it was a declaration of sorts and I have found that I could feel the small stirrings of motivation or determination maybe. 

​So it started with a book ('Write Blog Posts Readers LOVE' by Henri Juntilla)…

This book has been lurking on my kindle for what feels like years and I kept ignoring its call until this morning, as often happens my best ideas emerge from the depths of a bubble bath at that point when you don't have anything to write on so you end up repeating the words over and over out loud (no one around this morning to hear my crazy rantings) or in your head (if you are still trying to maintain some illusion of sanity). 

Write something, anything!

I thought 'OK Max this can't be that hard to do, loads of people blog YOU just have to write something anything about you, what you do, the things you have learnt along the way, the epic fails and jumping for joy successes'. 

Recognise your own resistance

Henri Juntilla talks about just that. He challenged my assumption that all non-fiction books (with the exception of biographies which I do quite like) are hard work to read, a bit dry and don't help me try new things out. As a rational adult I do know this is not always true but I personally find it a very effective method of resistance (now noticing I have that voice in my head which says resistance is futile, for all the sci-fi fans out there) and that rebellious teenager in me really likes to hang on to those tried and tested ways of not taking the easy route.

Courageously face Change

So, here I am 66 pages in and with the easy to try 'call to action' at the end of each chapter - what do you know I have written 500 words of my 1st ever blog - yeah for me!

As I am in the midst of creating a new website for my coaching business and my trusty friend (who happens to be marketing expert too) has been encouraging me to be bold - you never know I might just put this one out there and say 'take that Bridget'!