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Leadership, System Dynamics, Cultural Intelligence, Coaching

Coaching is at the heart of what we do and we believe in the power of conversations that matter.

Feeling a bit stuck, your go-to solution isn’t working, hear yourself saying this isn’t the right thing to do? Want to Discover the Possibilities & Develop your capabilities. 

  • Who you are is how you lead: so if you are thriving then there is the possibility for others to thrive alongside you
  • Cultural agility: co-create a coherent culture to support your business success
  • Adaptive action: creative inquiry for those messy and complex situations

That’s what we do - Conversations with a difference that make a difference

 “To create one must first question everything” 

Eileen Gray


Who you are is how you lead: if you are thriving then others thrive alongside you

We create bespoke leadership and group coaching programmes;

  • engaging in conversations that matter
  • exploring existing & new connections, relationships & interactions
  • paying attention to patterns of behaviour that help or hinder
  • discovering innovative and adaptive action in the face of change

... all in service of self-sustained learning and achieving your desired outcomes.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural agility: Co-create a coherent culture to support your business success

Short creative and tailored development programmes for solo/entrepreneurs & start-ups.

One aspect that can help or hinder an organisation's development is the culture. 

Cultural Intelligence Coaching© supports these leaders build the self-awareness around their identity and style needed to face the changes ahead. As a result, they can adjust how they operate and learn to tune into the culture of their organisation as they develop it i.e. enhance their cultural agility and adaptive capacity.  As the key change agent, you can build sustainable cultural intelligence for successful growth.

System Dynamics

Adaptive action: creative inquiry for those messy and complex situations

Engage with those messy complex and uncertain situations through the lens of patterns. 

Develop your capability to see the patterns at play, the constraints holding them in place and explore new ways of shifting those patterns to support your vision, objectives and desired outcomes.

Develop your capability to engage in authentic and generative conversations with others. 

Develop your capability to understand existing and new connections between you & the world around you. Paying attention to the cultural challenges and opportunities, patterns and energy.

Develop your capability to embody learning, take innovative and  adaptive action, co-create conditions for success. 

Develop your capability to energise and inspire individuals, teams, organisations & communities

“If you want to improve your organisation you have to improve yourself and the organisation gets pulled up with you” – Indra Nooyi