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Take that Bridget – Stepping into your Power, Women rule the world!

‘I’ve lost my power… I am not being heard…what do I have to do to be taken seriously?’

These are common themes amongst my female coaching clients, colleagues and friends.

This might be something you have experienced too, so what stops women giving voice to their truth?

Some years ago I found myself being marginalised in a job and granted it was in a male dominated sector so why should I have expected anything less?! I was shocked to the core - it was the 1st time I had experienced those feelings of ‘not being heard’, being treated as less than and it hurt.

Part of me just couldn’t accept that it was really happening and yet my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me (Bridget, who you might remember from my earlier blog, of course was there – stoking the fires of self-doubt)!

I come from a family of strong independent women and have been raised to believe in my own capabilities and to have a voice and yet here I was seemingly ‘gagged’ by what I can only describe as a subconscious societal norm.

This norm pervades organisations, communities, and relationships and they are poorer for it – 50% of the wisdom of this world is not always being heard, acted upon.

Have you ever felt invisible in this way, not heard, not recognised for your experience, knowledge, insights?   

What did you do – shout louder, shrink away, make excuses for those not listening?

What did I do?

Reminded myself that I was ‘more than someone else’s perception of me’

  • Reclaimed my voice – my truth
  • Resigned from my job
  • and embarked on a new journey, to follow new and old dreams  – setting up my own business, completing a Master’s degree,  learning to fly …

How to step into your own power

  • Seek out new practices to strengthen your voice, stand your ground, be a powerful female.
  • Seek out other women who want to find their voice and step into their power – learn from each other.
  • Seek out organisations that believe in a culture of compassion.

For me, one of the ways I am honouring my voice is with writing - sharing my experiences, my learning and compassion with you my wonderful readers.

I am not alone in this, my dear friend and colleague, Dr Eunice Aquilina, shares her own inspiring story in her new book ‘Stepping into your Power’ along with those of other strong female leaders. She challenges us to question our habitual patterns of letting others have our power, our voice, our truth and invites us into new practices to embody our leadership power.

Remember where fear prevails; prejudice, unconscious bias and discrimination win out. 

Where compassion prevails, humanity wins.

Want to learn more, reach out - we are curious to hear your story too.